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Pet stores say: "Our puppies come from breeders, not puppy mills."

Understand that the word "breeder" is not an exclusive term. Anyone who puts two dogs together and produces puppies is, technically, a breeder. So don't assume that a puppy from a "breeder" did not come from a puppy mill. A responsible breeder would not sell puppies to a pet store; they would want to meet you in person.

Stop Puppy Mills

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if you've bought a dog from a pet store and experienced problems, you're not alone

Perhaps your dog is sick, the puppy paperwork is incorrect or you're having problems dealing with the store owner. We can help. We are experienced in dealing with this issue and can register complaints with the appropriate agencies on your behalf.

We will also provide you with free advice on your legal rights in such matters.


Stop Puppy Mills

Puppies of Westport is just one of thousands of pet stores in America that contribute to the cycle of puppy mills. Puppies of Westport sells dogs that come mostly from Missouri and surrounding states. The parents of the puppies spend their lives in cages until they can no longer be bred. Our group has paperwork confirming the rough and unsanitary conditions these dogs are kept in. The owners of Puppies of Westport claim the dogs they sell do not come from puppy mills. However, the paperwork that has been gathered shows the puppies come from large, commercial breeders that supply pet stores and puppy brokers across America. Pet stores are selling trendy, designer breed puppies that are taken from their mothers at an early age and loaded onto trucks to be distributed to stores. Puppies of Westport is an outlet for breeders who treat the dogs as a cash crop.