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Pet stores say: "Our puppies come from breeders, not puppy mills."

Understand that the word "breeder" is not an exclusive term. Anyone who puts two dogs together and produces puppies is, technically, a breeder. So don't assume that a puppy from a "breeder" did not come from a puppy mill. A responsible breeder would not sell puppies to a pet store; they would want to meet you in person.

Stop Puppy Mills

puppies of westport - the reality

It costs nothing to get an independent voice before completely believing the person who has a vested interest in you handing over a credit card. This group is interested in saving lives and ending cruelty. If you were buying a new car, you'd do research. We recommend you take the time to do the same for your puppy purchase. We know they look cute when you see them in stores (and they are!) but please consider the conditions for the parents.

Before you shop at the Puppies of Westport store, please contact us. Take the time if you care about animals. If you still choose to shop at this store after we provide you with documented facts on the puppy mills these dogs come from, so be it.

the facts

Puppies of Westport claims that it does not buy puppies from the three largest brokers in the country, yet the breeders it uses sell their puppies to these very brokers (Hunte, Lambriar and Tracy's K&J Pets) as well as to Puppies of Westport.

Puppies of Westport claims it buys dogs from an exclusive set of breeders but those same breeders often supply stores all over the United States. These breeders alone are used by Puppies of Westport and All Pets Club, a pet store in Wallingford, Ct:

  • Cheryl Diel
  • Charles Feldmann
  • Dorothy Fisher
  • Kae Sherrill
  • Rhonda Slagley
  • Melva Verene Sparkman

Meanwhile, breeder Joyce Norton (Knox City, MO) sells her puppies to Puppies of Westport, Puppy Love in Danbury, Ct., AND Claws N Paws Plus in Norwalk, Ct.

Video Evidence

Allison Hedgpeth dba Lonewolf Kennel – Iberia, Missouri

Dog Auctions are held almost every weekend in the Midwest. These auctions must be seen to be believed. Several are shown on the following video, including excerpts from an auction held at Lonewolf Kennel in Iberia, MO on April 19, 2004

The owner of Lonewolf, Allison Hedgpeth, claimed on the auction flyer that she was retiring from the business, but four years later is still breeding and brokering. A total of 129 dogs and puppies were sold, 18 different breeds.

In addition to interior and exterior views, this video shows the heart-breaking auction of a Golden Retriever mom and her pups that day.

Hedgpeth sold 20 puppies to Puppies of Westport from between Dec. 2006 and Oct. 2007.

Meet another breeder used by Puppies of Westport. The breeder, Liz Kuk, of Kuk’s 160 Kennel in Caulfield, Missouri, publicly claims to be “following all the laws and regulations.” The kennel sold two “designer” mixed breed puppies to Puppies of Westport in January 2007. She goes on to say, “I love and care for all my dogs and puppies.” USDA inspection reports tell a different story. She received her USDA license (43A4621) in 2005.

From Kuk's January, 2006 USDA inspection report:

The outdoor wire enclosure containing 2 Boxers has inadequate shelter, thus protection from the cold. The weather at this time of year (winter) is variably cold, windy and rainy. One shelter is a plastic barrel, but the dogs are taller than the barrel. The other is a transport carrier and it is not large enough for the dogs to turn about freely. There is old hay in the barrel, but only dried leaves in the transport carrier. There is no wind break at the entrance of either shelter. Shelters must provide adequate protection from the weather so the dogs will remain healthy.

From Kuk's March, 2007 USDA inspection report:

Outdoor facilities - The smaller gauge wire covering the welded panels has sharp points where the wire was cut. The dogs are in contact with the sharp points as they jump about and can become injured. For the health and well being of the dogs, the sharp points must be removed or covered. This affects 6 adult dogs.
Water receptacles in 5 of the outdoor enclosures have green residue on the inner surface. The residue may be harmful to the dogs. Water receptacles must be kept clean and sanitized. This affects 15 adult dogs.

Ms. Kuk’s animal inventory count for March, 2007 was 55 adult dogs and 40 puppies.

She “loves and cares” for all her dogs and puppies? You decide.

Breeders, Mike and Melanie Moore in Kansas shipped four pups to Puppies of Westport in March 2007. Another puppy was shipped by the Moores to Puppies of Westport in February 2008, according to publicly available documents.

The facility run by the Moores has had repeat violations related to sanitary and safety conditions.
October 2006 inspection:

  • (Repeat violation) Vet has not been to the facility since 1/05. This affects 209 dogs.
  • (Repeat violation) 4 medications that had expired. The owner has been leaving needles in multidose vials. This affects 209 dogs.
  • (Repeat violation) West facility - divider panels, front panels and flooring of the pens have numerous breaks in the wire. This building must be totally repaired or replaced. Affects 30 dogs.
  • (Repeat violation) The limestone baserock used in the kennels has become compacted with waste/urine etc. This affects at least 70 dogs.
  • (Repeat violation) There were 64 dogs with NO dog houses and no bedding for at least 10 other dogs. The prior morning's temperature was in the 30's.
  • (Repeat violation) There was an accumulation of hair/debris/waste under the enclosures. This buildup has not been cleaned out in several days based on the quantity there. This affects at least 40 dogs.

  • The Moore’s kennel inventory in March, 2007 was 180 dogs and 44 puppies.

    Breeding conditions exposed

    The video below shows Carole's Puppy Palace in Pocola, Oklahoma. As you'll see, it's far from a palace. This breeder (Carole Glenn) sold four puppies to Puppies of Westport between August and September, 2007.Meanwhile, Puppies of Westport's Web site says the following: "We understand the concern about 'pet shop puppies' and have worked very hard to establish relationships with over 150 private breeders that meet our high standards."

    Stop Puppy Mills

    Puppies of Westport is just one of thousands of pet stores in America that contribute to the cycle of puppy mills. Puppies of Westport sells dogs that come mostly from Missouri and surrounding states. The parents of the puppies spend their lives in cages until they can no longer be bred. Our group has paperwork confirming the rough and unsanitary conditions these dogs are kept in. The owners of Puppies of Westport claim the dogs they sell do not come from puppy mills. However, the paperwork that has been gathered shows the puppies come from large, commercial breeders that supply pet stores and puppy brokers across America. Pet stores are selling trendy, designer breed puppies that are taken from their mothers at an early age and loaded onto trucks to be distributed to stores. Puppies of Westport is an outlet for breeders who treat the dogs as a cash crop.